Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Koi Pond Needle Case Pattern

Feels like Summer to me. I was finally able to finish the Koi Pond needle case. Luckily I did not have to make any revisions in the pattern. I must be getting better with practice.

I am giving this needle case to my best friend in the whole wide world,  Angie McNabb. She is one of the kindest people I know. Not just to me but everyone around her. She is a great wife to her husband Steve, and a great mom to her son Dustin.

She  has always been there for me, even in my darkest hours. I remember when I finally divorced my daughter's father. I had nothing. He made sure of that. Well, really I had a lot. I finally had my sanity. The kids and I finally broke away from that nightmare. We moved into a little two bedroom shack. I would guess the square footage to have been about 600 feet. I had no bed to sleep on, no couch to sit on and no refrigerator to keep my food in. She gave me a king size 4 inch thick piece of foam to sleep on. After the hell I had been through in that marriage, I would have slept on a gravel road to get out of it. Angie has always had a knack for finding great bargains and free things. Living out of ice chests was getting old. Before I knew it Angie found someone who had a like new refrigerator that they wanted to give away. The only stipulation, they wanted to give it to someone that really needed it. Well I certainly met the criteria. She made it her mission in life to help me restore mine. Well at least it seemed that way to me. In no time I had a fully furnished home.

One Summer each of us built water gardens at our homes. I'll never forget when I convinced her to move her pet goldfish, Goldie, out into her water garden. He didn't last long. I just knew that he was going to love his new outdoor home. Goldie saw it differently. I felt so bad. Goldie was so big that he barely fit into a checkbook box. Yes, Goldie had to be buried and there was a small memorial service held. You see, my friend, Angie is very special. She has a heart of gold. I guess that is why we have been friends so long. No one else would put up with my craziness!

         Because you are the best friend I could ever ask for, because it was my fault that Goldie's life ended too soon, and because you never throw anything away, I am giving this Koi Pond Needle Case to you. I hope you like it! :)

Your Friend,

If you want make this needle case you can purchase the pattern on my website by clicking HERE. 
Click Here To read and learn more about beaded needle cases. 
Here is Angie with her very talented dog, Daisy.

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