Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dragon's Castle Needle Case Pattern Makeover

Lesson learned. Never bead when you are exhausted. I have probably spent more time undoing this project this week, than I have beading it. It has been a very long week. But, the good news is, it is over! Now, I can get back to my beadwork. Yeah!

The Dragon's Castle needle case pattern has been totally redone. Now, I just have to get it beaded up! I always like to test my patterns. What looks great on paper doesn't always look great in beads. Matte vs silver lined. Big issue here. For me, it depends on the piece. Somethings look good in shiny colors and some things look better in matte colors. I guess it just boils down to a matter of preference.

Like most bead artist, I just can't rest until I am satisfied a piece looks right. One bead out of place can drive an artist crazy. People say,"Oh, I would have never noticed." But the artist will always see the misplaced bead first and is never happy until it is corrected.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I well have this little devil finished this weekend.
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