Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lighthouse Tale Beaded Needle Case

Happy Halloween!

Here it is. Yeah!! I finished it. What a little treasure it is.
Buy It Here on My Website.

So much fun to make. This one has 16 colors. Patience was not granted. I just could not wait on my beads to arrive. Bad me. So, I went to the only store in town that carries Delicas. Way too expensive. Shame on them for charging so much!

Currently I am working on Zahra and filming a video of it. Never can have too many How to Even Count Tubular Peyote Videos right?

Snap shot of Zahra in progress.

Friday, October 29, 2010

For Zahra

Zahra Baker's story is the most tragic child abuse and murder case I have ever read about.

How could they?

No punishment can equal what she suffered.

I'm not going to tell her story here. There is plenty of horrific information on the internet.

I wanted to honor her life in some way. I created this needle case and named it after her. "Zahra" What a beautiful name.

I can imagine Zahra, in Australia, smiling at all the beauty there. She had overcome so many challenges in life. What a strong young lady she was.

May she rest in peace.

May those who harmed her never harm again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Needle Case Pattern Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am offering this pattern FREE on my website. This is a great pattern to learn how to make beaded needle cases.
Only two colors are needed.
You can find it on my Free Patterns page by clicking here.
Please enjoy this video by my friends on Mount Desert Island.
Miss you guys. You are the best!

Meanwhile, I wait in great anticipation for the arrival of a large shipment of Delica beads.
When will my ship come in?

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Santa Needle Case Pattern

Yippee!!! I just finished Santa's Ho Ho Ho Short Needle Case.
Buy it now on my website.
You know you want one. Pair this one up with the Snowman.

The Lighthouse Tale by Nickel Creek

Here's a sweet video featuring Nickel Creek's music.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lighthouse Tale Needle Case Pattern

On a roll!!!! I can hardly wait to bead this one up. I wanted to call it Under the Sea, but so many beaded patterns already share that name. So, because I love Nickel Creek, I named it after one of their hits. Lighthouse Tale.
As usual, you will have to wait until I bead this one up before I offer it for sale. Just can't help but tweek up until the last bead. In the mean time buy your beads. This one has 16 different colors. That makes this one a little pricey if you do not already have these colors. Sorry but it is worth it. Even the slightest change in contrast makes these tiny little designs pop. That's part of the secret of making designs fit in such a small space. I love the challenge.

Meanwhile I am working diligently on Santa's Ho Ho Ho! The background color I picked for this one made all the difference. I can't wait to show it to you. Here's a sneak preview!

What a great discovery. I looked back on my clipboard and realized that I had made 3 needle case patterns during the early summer months. Remember the Peacock, the Hummingbirds and the Kokopelli? So that puts the count up to 6. I only have a half dozen more to go before I can offer another dozen needle case patterns.

Gotta go. I have lots of beading to do!

Until We Bead Again, Beth

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Book Of Needle Case Patterns In The Works

Already I have three new needle case designs.

1. Santa's a Ho Ho Ho
2. Breast Cancer Awareness
3. Under The Sea

Just 9 more to go. The Beaded Needle Case Marathon has begun. What fun!!! I love the challenges I set for myself. Santa of course will be first. Here's a sneak preview of the bead graph. As soon as I can get him beaded up I will sell the pattern on my website. Here's a little look see. Only 5 colors.....YEAH!
If you just can't wait to buy this one and get it finished before Christmas shoot me an email. or visit my website and fill out the contact form.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I know what I did this Summer.

I have finally dusted off my computer. What a nice Summer it was. I really strayed away from the internet. My website has started getting really busy again. Time for a face lift and new look. I'll get to that later.

Blogger has been a bit of a pain. I lost that gorgeous background I had and I have had an awful time logging on. Just when you get things the way you want them...crash...burn....ugh.

My biggest project this Summer was covering the sick looking knotty pine wall in my living room and staining the floor. Not sure why it took me so many years to cover that eyesore up. I was just impressed with the fact that after 50 years no one had painted it. Then it was onto resurfacing my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Wow! What a difference great paint can make. Very happy with the new look. The kids say it has a Tim Burton feel to it. I say it has a northern feel to it. Oh how I wish I could have brought those birch trees in Maine home with me.
Here are some before and after pics.

Whoever thought you could paint ugly ass Butcher Block counter tops? So much better.

Big beading plans for the Winter. Needle Case fans be looking for a dozen more patterns. I also plan to make several more How To Bead videos.

Until We Bead Again, Beth

The Craft Fair Fall 2010

Thank You to everyone at the Craft Fair. It was so much fun!