Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lighthouse Tale Beaded Needle Case

Happy Halloween!

Here it is. Yeah!! I finished it. What a little treasure it is.
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So much fun to make. This one has 16 colors. Patience was not granted. I just could not wait on my beads to arrive. Bad me. So, I went to the only store in town that carries Delicas. Way too expensive. Shame on them for charging so much!

Currently I am working on Zahra and filming a video of it. Never can have too many How to Even Count Tubular Peyote Videos right?

Snap shot of Zahra in progress.


  1. You're tempting me AGAIN!!! I have so many projects and not enough time! Yikes!!! Love your patterns.

  2. Temptation is not always a bad thing. Although it can still take several days for me to design a pattern, lately I have been able to bead a short needle case in just one day. The trick to it is like I have said before. Don't over think it. Just follow your pattern and mark it off as you go. I am putting together another video that shows how I follow a pattern. I hope it helps.