Needle Cases

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I am working on my second book of patterns.

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The Honey Bee
The Carousel
The Snowman
The Blue Poison Dart Frog
The Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Blackbirds on Picket Fence
The Children of The World
Black & Gold
The Blackbird House
The Koi Pond
Dragon's Castle

When I think about the square inches in all these needle cases, I realize I could have made an awesome tapestry! Well maybe later.

Watch my how to videos and learn how to make beaded needle cases.

I am going to bind these patterns in a leather book. That book will become the first in a series of books I am making as heirlooms for my children. One day they will realize how important these little works of art were to me.  Patterns are available individually as instant downloads in pdf format or get them all for $12.00. That's a huge savings.  It is easy to open them with the free Adobe Reader program.
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Just get the whole kit and kaboodle while your there! I love these bead boxes. Wood burned these myself!