Friday, May 28, 2010

Blue Hole - Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Finally at the age of 46, I can now say I have been to Blue Hole!

This is not a place that I would recommend anyone to dive into. From what the kids were telling me, the water here is eight feet deep near the edges. I can only wonder how deep the water is in the middle. I will never know because I would never jump into the Blue Hole. I have a horrible memory of the day the ER brought me a young mother that had jumped into the Blue Hole. She did not survive. I have asked my daughter to never jump into the Blue Hole and encourage her friends not to either. I hope that they will listen. 

The area around the Blue Hole is trashed with beer cans and broken beer bottles. This was so sad to look at. This would never happen on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I wish the county would develop a project to clean up Blue Hole and prohibit diving with a hefty fine. Wouldn't it be a great idea to, instead of diving head first out of a 30 foot tree into 8 feet of water, bring a few garbage bags and pick up the trash?

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  1. Where exactly is this blue hole located? Just wondering because I'm here on Suck Creek Mountain.. Thnx!