Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bead Attic - Some Old Treasures

Occasionally I make my way up to the bead attic before it reaches lung frying temperatures! This morning I found my old pet seahorse, my shell anklet, a really skinny needle case my brother made me and a small stash of my favorite brown beads. These beads are the most beautiful brown beads in the world. So dark with a tiny gold flake that you can only see if the light hits them just right. My quest to find more of these is now entering it's third year. If anyone knows where to find them please contact me.

And then there was this. If I had been looking for it I never would have found it. I have not done my research yet, but I wonder if these are still selling on the Internet. Maybe someday I will make something with it. It looks like it would be a great tool for making tubular bead videos.

My latest bead project is moving right along. Definitely hooked on bead embroidery now! Dang just when clay season started! Oh, and then there is that Humming Bird needle case that keeps nagging at me too! Never enough hours in my days or nights. Depending on how you want to look at it. My circadian rhythm has always marched to a different drummer.

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