Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beaded Dragonfly & Tree Frog Statement Neck Collar by Beth Murr


Finished! Man was this fun to make. I need supplies (imagine that) so I am off to the local Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I am going to wear this necklace and cruise the bead isles. I wonder if anyone will stop and ask me, "Did you make that?" This piece incorporates so many different techniques. Let's see...there is bead embroidery, peyote stitch, wire work, and leather work. Too much fun.

I hear rumblings in the Clay Cave. Now that this collar is finished I am going down there. It is time to make beads and sell beads. Why you ask. So I can buy more beads! Be on the lookout for awesome clay beads and cabochons you bead embroidery artists can use in your neck collars. I will be making seahorses, octopus, frogs, snakes and more. Get ready for something totally different in the world of Bead Embroidery!

Until We Bead Again - Beth Murr

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