Friday, December 10, 2010

A Random Act of Kindness

When I left for work last night I did not bother to stop and check the mailbox because:

A. It was really cold outside.
B. I don't like to be late.
C. I could have sworn I saw the mailman driving down the wrong side of the road.

He must be new. I did not recognize the Charcoal Gray Jeep Cherokee. But, there was a yellow flashing light just off center on it's roof. I assume this is the new mailman. Yeah! At least someone is trying. Now if they can just pick up the speed a little. Who else gets their mail at dark-thirty?

So, I waited until I got home this morning to check the box. Much to my surprise a very special treasure was waiting on me. Robbie Payne (read her blog here) sent this gift to me.

See the special note inside?
It reads...
Beth, Hope you can use! Robbie

Oh, I can use alright. It will not stay empty long. I am going to keep it in my nursing bag. I will store all the little tiny things that I need in emergency situations in the ICU. You know like spare parts and stuff that are not always easy to find, but a good nurse can get her hands on them in a hurry.
It will be used when time is of the essence and
small things mean so much.

So pretty. I LOVE IT!
I always wanted one of these. Now I have one.


Thank You so much for sending me this gift from the heart, not Walmart. It means so much to me.

Until We Bead Again, Beth


  1. I read on Robbie's blog that she was sending it to a friend. I thought to myself that the person must be very special to receive such a wonderful gift. Lo and behold I was right! Use it well.

  2. She will never know how much this touched my heart.

  3. So glad you went to your mailbox, Beth!! And what a nice post! And to know you're using it is even better. Enjoy! You are so giving and an inspiration to so many. I just wanted to give a little piece of me to you!