Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cheshire Cat Beaded Needle Case Pattern

Tah Dah!!! I finally finished The Cheshire Cat Long Needle Case Pattern!!!! I am very happy with it. Final count...18 different colors! He will complete the next dozen patterns that I will offer for just 12 bucks! Look for the new collection available soon on my website.

This needle case was attempted, rough drafted, tweaked, undone, & redone until I finally got it.

I have that pesky little rabbit in my sights.

And then there is this guy.


  1. As always, the finished piece is just beautiful! Can't wait for it to go up for sale.

  2. Thanks Karen! The kitty was a very bad little boy. I tried, rough drafted, beaded, ripped out beads, pulled my hair out and nearly gave up. It was a very slow process figuring this one out. I ended up getting it down to just 18 colors. Can you find them all? Some are very hard to see but make a huge difference if not used.