Monday, December 6, 2010

Business is booming!

Thank you to all my new customers and the old faithful ones too. My patterns are swirling around the world thanks to this wonderful thing called the Internet.

It is truly the ultimate satisfaction for a bead artist. Come up with an idea, express it in beads and have others repeat what you have created. Some even take it one step further and alter my patterns to make their own creations. Brilliant!

Here's what I am working on right now. And yes, it is official. I am going to make a series of Alice in Wonderland needle cases. Why...I don't know. The challenge is great, but the subject matter and colors ease the labor.

Because I was not able to fit that pesky little rabbit on the first one, he has earned a short needle case all to himself. Maybe I can have him ready by Spring. That remains to be seen.

Hope everyone is having fun this crafty season!

Until We Bead Again, Beth


I'll be here, beading by the window in the sunlight if you need me.


  1. I'm 'days' behind reading my dashboard/blogs!! I love your Alice in Wonderland needle cases!!! How cool!!! You have to stop designing!! I can't keep up!! Just love your work!!!

  2. Girl who you think you are kidding. You beaded up all those needle cases like Speedy Gonzales!