Saturday, July 2, 2011

Preparing for closing arguments.

Caylee Marie Anthony has touched many lives. Mine is no exception. I was living in Maine when her remains were discovered. I have done a great deal of research on this case. Forensic analysis on my computer would be impressive. I'm sure many others can say the same.

In the beginning, I quickly came to the conclusion that her mother no longer wanted her. Motive was simple. Would things have turned out differently if Caylee had been adopted by someone outside of the Anthony family? I believe they would have. Unfortunately we will never know.

Is there Justice for Caylee? I'm not sure what Justice for Caylee would be. I have strong feelings about whether or not punishment for crimes against children is ever just. Children are vulnerable and dependent on others. Crimes have been committed against children that could not even cry for help. An adult can not go back in time and place themselves at an earlier stage of growth and development. They can remember working through stages but once they have passed through them they can not unlearn them. When an adult is sentenced to death or life in prison they may be in shock, but they get it. A child doesn't even know what death or life without parole means.

Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick are Caylee's only hope at Justice. I pray that they have the strength they need to continue their fight for Caylee. I pray the jury agrees with my verdict. Guilty of first degree premeditated murder. I trust Judge Perry will give the appropriate sentence.

Many people have given their opinions on this case. Some have been experts and some have been people like me who want justice for victims and want to learn more about human behavior. While doing research I came across a blog written by Peter and Heather Hyatt. Their blog is about Statement Analysis. I encourage everyone to read their blog. The talking heads are entertaining at times but Peter and Heather get to the truth. Their blog is where I go to sort it all out and make sense of it all.

I, like so many who never met Caylee, need closure. I console myself. I believe that Caylee is resting in Peace. I accept that true Justice for the crimes against her may never be served on this Earth.


  1. Very well said beth! I have been captivated by this case since Caylee disappeared. I have a Grand-daughter who is the age Caylee was when this horrible crime was committed against her. I cant imagine what it would be like to go through what the Anthonys are still going through today. I also have no doubt in Casey's guilt. She is selfish and evil enough to kill Caylee and just go on with her "Beautiful Life". I hope and pray she is sentenced with 1st degree murder, and although I am uncertain of what my thoughts are on the death penalty, Casey would be a prime candidate for it. My daughter was 19 when she became pregnant. She has been a wonderful Mother to her little girl. She has made many sacrifices for her little girl. That is the right thing to do, and if Casey couldnt do that, she should have allowed someone else that wanted to raise Caylee do so. This whole case has broken my heart. Tracey

  2. Well said, Beth! it's so sad...I think Casey is a very immature, selfish young theory is she had Caylee in the car and wanted to go out for the night so she used chloroform or some other similar ingredient to make Caylee just go to sleep while she went out. I bet she came back to the car to check on her and she died. But who knows and it doesn't matter. NO mother would go over a month without knowing where her child was. casey is a compulsive liar and if our courts don't find her guilty the 'big guy' above will. She'll NEVER be at rest and that's what she deserves. I hope she thinks about Caylle EVERY day.