Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Comes Full Circle Again - The Orange Butterfly

Butterflies are one of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. Acknowledging their metamorphosis brings comfort when pondering Life and Death.

One of the most fascinating stories I have ever read is by Elizabeth Kubler Ross. Her story is not about butterflies. It is about children drawing pictures of butterflies. There were many on the walls in concentration camps. It is a fascinating story and I encourage everyone to read it.

Today I received an email from Tara. She is requesting a custom beaded butterfly in memory of her sister.

I started making this butterfly shortly after my dad passed away. I miss him. I need to bead.When I found the butterfly resting peacefully in the tin, it brought a sense of comfort over me. I left her there so many years ago and she has been waiting quietly for me to return.
Soon she will fly.

When her wings are finished I will say good bye.


  1. Beth,

    All I can say is WOW, but then again, I should not be surprised. I have been searching and searching the term beaded swallowtail butterfly for so long now and have come up with virtually nothing that will work, most of what I have been able to find were not detailed enough for my liking, then all of a sudden last night I find you!!!! This story goes much deeper, and
    involves lots of things...I had a near fatal motorcycle accident on sept 16 2009 where a deer JUMPED OUT ONTO the front fender of my motorcycle and when my husband, who is an EMT, got to me, I was dead. I do not remember most of the events, as God decided I would be better off not, and I am grateful but
    it has been a long road back. I was in a body brace for months and even tho I had a really good helmet, still had a skull fracture. Just when my husband thought there was nothing anyone could do, I gasped, took a breath,
    and started fighting to get up lol. The clincher was when Ruthie got sick, and when things were clear she wasn't going to pull out of it and it was going to take her from us, her husband Jim called and said "Come NOW". The only way I could go was on my new bike, because the cars we have really
    weren't in any shape to take on a 6 hour one way road trip, and my husband couldn't go with me, so I had no choice but to go solo. Amazing what you can do when you have to....even tho I knew the route well, I still had doubts but I got up there to see her for the last time, stayed overnight and came
    back the next evening. I guess I am a lot tougher than I thought! Again this is a very detailed story but I have made almost a full recovery, still trying to pay medical bills but I will never ever again worry about turning
    another year older (I was turning 50 that year). I have a new motto now since then, Never regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many".

    I was meant to find you, and I am very thankful I did! Looking forward to hearing from you! Here are a few pics if you'd like to see :o)This is Ruthie... :o( We really think it is her when those butterflies keep finding us. It has happened to everyone in her family no matter where they live! That is why I want to feature one on my bike as I don't think there is a better tribute to represent her.

  2. You mentioned on your website that some people are too creative.
    I think you're a very creative person. Creative with your hands that goes for helping people as well. Creative thinker ! You are a true inspiration not only to me but to so many. Thanks for having a kind heart and creative hands willing to share.