Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Donations Are Appreciated! Comic Relief

Why didn't someone tell me I would have to pawn the title to my van to to pay for all the ink I'll need to finish my degree? Now I know why college students are so skinny and bug-eyed. You can't afford to buy food because you must spend a fortune on ink cartridges. Even if there is a little money left over to buy food, you buy energy drinks to keep you awake so you can finish your assignments on time! Good grief I need a drink. I'm not talking about the energy kind. I need something stronger.

All kidding aside, I am having a blast with my online classes. Who knew? I don't know everything. I feel like the guy in the commercial who has been surfing the internet and looks up and says, "I'm finished." I feel like I have read the entire internet! Thank goodness the University of Phoenix is patient with me. So far so good. I highly recommend UoP for online college. I need to learn how to be patient with them, because I want everything yesterday.

I will get some bead work done tonight. First I need to finish reading 8974 more pages of required reading, make 7 Power Point presentations, write 18 papers, drink one more energy drink and eat some pizza rolls.

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  1. Geez..isn't it great you can do the online class! My daughter got her master online..took a long time but it really does work! She had lots of interaction with others in her class and the instructor. Good luck!!! Keep us posted!