Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who is watching who?

I walked in my bathroom, looked out the window and this Owl was looking in at me! Holy crap! I ran and grabbed my camera, I was able to snap one quick photo before he flew away. WOW!

Check out this cool video!


  1. How cool was/is that!!!! I can see a needlecase in the making!

  2. Hey Robbie,
    I can't quit looking at this photo. I'm so glad my kids got to see him too. I am so tickled I got at least one photo. After I calmed down a little, I thought the same thing about making a beaded owl. It was just so freaky to look out the window as I always do and BAM! There was something looking back at me. Crazy! It was so spooky at first. My daughter is still a little freaked out by it. I might have to cover the window for a while. She is too scared to go back in the bathroom now. The kids thought I had lost my mind as I was backing out of my bathroom and looking for my camera. I was saying don't go in the bathroom, don't go in the bathroom. I'll never forget it. Wow, just wow! I think it was Nature's way of saying Thanks for saving the little bird in the snow the other day.