Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beyond Wonderland Beaded Needle Cases

Tadah! Finished the "Beyond Wonderland Needle Case Collection." Fun, fun, fun. I will have them all posted on my website in a few days. I will be offering them at a discount price if you buy all five. You can get them here on MY WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE.


  1. OK, I do want to purchase all five..looks like Alice isn't there yet and I can only do one at a time..hmmm Let us know when Alice is added (or did I miss her!)...then I'll try again. Thanks, Beth...for adding more projects to my to do list! But I love these cases!!!

  2. Thanks! These were so much fun to make. I do now have them all for sale on my website. You can even get all 5 for just ten bucks! It was a real challenge fitting these little characters in such a teeny tiny space. Beth