Monday, January 10, 2011

Just saved a feathered friend!

All of the sudden I heard that dreaded thump. A feathered friend had flown into my bedroom window. Reluctantly, I pushed the window open and all I could see were a few tail feathers sticking up out of the freshly fallen snow. No signs of life. I did not disturb her. I felt it best to let the the coolness of the snow numb her pain. I kept watch over her. Later, much to my surprise, she had managed to pull herself up from her demise. As I approached her she remained calm. When I reached down to lift her from her self made igloo, she made a promising flight. She landed in the Holly bush and struck a pose! After a short rest, she took off into the woods and joined a friend who had been waiting. I admired their strength as they flew off into the snowy woods. Feathered friends were together again.

Chattanooga, TN and the NW Georgia area have come to a standstill. I still need to officially measure the snow in my yard. I am guessing I have at least 9 inches! I am so prepared for a snow in.

I need to BEAD!!!

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  1. Oh thank goodnesss!! We have birds fly into our patio sliding doors's always heart breaking until they fly away then it's relief!! We've even had a cardinal fight with his own image in the window!!