Monday, June 21, 2010

Face Jugs

Has she gone off the deep end? No. If you have never heard of face jugs you may be a little alarmed right now. Let me explain. History states that face jugs originated in North Georgia and Western North Carolina. Well I live in Flintstone, Georgia and that is in North Georgia. So, why wouldn't I make face jugs? Makes sense to me. The story goes that face jugs were made to keep stuff in that you wanted the kids to leave alone. The scarier  the face jug the more potent it's contents. You might say this was an early form of childproof bottles. Some say that potters traded jugs with the moonshiners. Another story is that slave communities placed face jugs (devil jugs) on their graves to keep away evil spirits. If the jug broke within the first year the deceased was thought to be wrestling with the devil. They are so fun to make. I like them because they are very forgiving. The uglier it turns out the better! Please enjoy this short You Tube video about a talking face jug!

Other things going on in the Clay Cave. I will soon be able to check off something on the Bucket List. My cabinets will be filled with nothing but my own pottery. These leaf plates are just the beginning. Last year I planted sunflowers. They reseeded themselves, much to my surprise, and I used one of the leaves to make these plates.
Here's a sneak preview at some bisque and greenware I am working on. I'll get back to beading soon. Right now I have to take advantage of the weather and play in the mud!

The woods are calling me. I'm going on a nature walk to find things to incorporate with my clay beads to make jewelry and other needful things.


  1. I'm stay tuned for sure to see what other great things you make! Love the leaf!

  2. Great post! Face jugs!
    I have wondered what they were about. I suppose that is a segway to those big huge mugs potters sometimes make huh?
    I have done them myself!
    ...primal connection?
    past life;
    in the grave?
    wanting to keep my children safe?
    Yup Yup good read Beth.
    thanks for taking the time to blog it.
    cheers from Vancouver Island
    Mickey S