Friday, June 18, 2010

Beaded Stethoscopes

Being a nurse it is only proper that I bead my stethoscope. Right? Right. I have done several. Here is my latest. I modified my Blackbird bird house needle case pattern to make this one. If anyone would like a beaded stethoscope please go to my website and fill out the Contact Me Form by CLICKING HERE.  There is no set price on these. Cost will depend on the pattern and type of beads used. This would really make a nice gift for a Graduate Nurse or even an Old Timer like me!
This is special. I have always wanted to do bead therapy at our local Children's Hospital. It is on my Bucket List. This group takes it one step further. Children are so brave, and so are the nurses that care for them. It's hard for me to watch this video without tearing up.


  1. What a wonderful program! Wouldn't it be wonderful if ALL centers/hospitals did something like this for the children!!! i can see where it generates conversation for a treatment or procedure the children will be having. Just wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. I visit local hospice with my dog (she's a therapy dog) and I'm going to talk to my dr. about this program. Stethoscope is cool! Off to practice tieing my circle on my tube!! wish me luck!

  2. I just checked and the Children's Hospital in Detroit does have a 'beads of courage' program in place. That's the closest children's hospital. Thanks again for letting us know about this wonderful program.

  3. Therapy Dog. I love it. I have always wanted to do that too. Don't tell anyone but I have known a nurse or two that sneaked in dogs to see their owners in the hospital. Makes a patient feel so much better to see a furry friend. By way, practice makes perfect;)