Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's another word for needle cases?

According to WikiAnswers-

Another word for needle case is etui.
This is a standard crossword puzzle clue - etui, but an etui holds sewing needles.
n. needle-case; small case for toilet articles, etc. © From the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia. Helicon Publishing LTD 2007.

If you mean a roll of fabric for storing knitting needles in narrow "pockets", that rolls up and ties with ribbons or similar, that's a needle roll.

Okay well that said, Needle Cases - my little wooden items with lids that hold my needles, that 36 Delica beads fit around perfectly so I can bead really cool designs on them. That's the definition according to Beth Murr.

Oh, one last thing. They are not suitable for toilet items!

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