Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Read Even Count Tubular Peyote Patterns

Change of plans. I had planned to make my next video on Odd Count Flat Peyote stitch but, I have received many emails from people who are having difficulty following even count tubular peyote patterns. So, in my next video, I will explain how this is done. Get your small Bic lighters ready. I am going to use a small Bic lighter because of the shape. Even though they are not perfectly round, even count tubular peyote stitch works great on these. The flat side will offer a bigger surface onto which I can show how a pattern is followed. I have some gorgeous purple, lavender and pink beads that I plan to use. I look forward to making these new video. I hope it helps to answer questions about the step-up and how to count the rows in even count tubular peyote stitch.
Until We Bead Again, Beth
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