Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sock Monkeys Needle Case Pattern

Here's a variation on the Monkey Pattern. Sock Monkeys. I'll bead him up next.


  1. Your work is great! I love the personalized bead cases, very cute.

  2. Sock monkey's always bring back memories, don't they! I've started on my 5th needle case!! Yippee..only 3 more to go for Christmas gifts!!! I'm using your honeycomb pattern..saving your Zahra pattern for a special gift or maybe just for myself!

  3. Wow 5 needle cases. What great Christmas gifts. One of the first needle cases I did was a honeycomb pattern for my sister. It took me forever to make it. She loved it. You can't get beaded needle cases at your local Walmart! I am glad of that. Handmade gifts are made from the heart to touch heart.
    Until We Bead Again, Beth