Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beaded Mermaid


  1. Ok. You have way more time beading time than I do.

    I want to come hang out at your house for a weekend so I can spend the whole time beading without feeling like I need to be on the torch.

    I'll bring my projects and cupcakes, so clear your schedule, K?

  2. OK, I could never keep up with you!! Are you not sleeping at all!!! Talk about being productive!!!

  3. LOL! I have had 6 days off. Most people would go to the beach. I have stayed home in my own little paradise and beaded up a storm! HEAVEN here on Earth in my bedroom with an occasional glance out the window.

    Juls swing by and pick up Robbie. I'm sure the 3 of us would have a blast!