Friday, March 4, 2011

Beaded Needle Case Collection

What is a girl to do with so many
beaded needle cases?

You may ask yourself,
"Does she really have that many needles that need a home?"

Several of the ones I have beaded are not pictured here because they were given to special people in my life.

Just for fun let's do some math. It takes approximately 2028 Delica beads to bead a long needle case. It takes approximately 1308 Delica beads to bead a short needle case. That means it has taken around 48,762 Delicas, plus a few dropped on the floor to bead my needle cases! Each bead is passed through with needle and thread twice. Okay, now that is just more info than I want to release.
Sorry, I had to know.....97,524 passes!

If you are wondering how many inches of thread this is,
forget it.
I will not go there!

You can comfortably fit 30+ needles in a needle case. Do you see where I am going with this? It would take over 1000 needles to fill my needle cases' bellies! In other words, Please send needles. I need them.
My needle cases are hungry.


  1. LMBO.

    You know something? You are just as "not right" as I am.

    And I love ya for it!

  2. Define "not right." I was trying to maintain a prim and proper blog and then I read yours! I thought what the hell, if Juls can tell it like it is I can too! Isn't it scary when you think you have created your own language and then you run into someone who understands it? Are we related? Was your Daddy in the Navy?

  3. I've often wondered what you did with all your needlecases! Now we know! Or do we! HA

  4. Hi Beth, any plans on making a Dragon Loom? I would love to get one.

    Thank you,
    Sherree G