Monday, February 14, 2011

Needle Case Pattern Passion Flower

This is my favorite flower. The first time I saw one I was horseback riding in the woods behind my house. I had stopped for a rest. When I looked down there it was. At first I thought it was artificial. I had never seen a flower like this before. Later I discovered it is the Passion Flower. I tried to root it it but was unsuccessful. Years later I moved into the house I live in now. Much to my surprise a huge Passion Flower vine started growing in my backyard. I could not believe it. Because I am not happy unless I have a beaded needle case project going on, I decide to make this one next. I hope my Passion Flower vine returns this year. I look forward to seeing it again.
You can buy this pattern and many more needle case patterns on my website by clicking here.


  1. Wow is all I can say. What a spectacular flower! Can't wait to see the finished needle case.

  2. Thanks. I am off work till Friday. I can't wait to get this one beaded up. It may be the first one that requires no tweaking! I must be getting better with practice.

  3. So pretty, and my favorite colors too! :-)