Thursday, August 5, 2010

Peyote Feathers Beaded Needle Case

Get the pattern for this Peyote Feathers needle case on my website now.

I always go back to beading!

Until We Bead Again, Beth


  1. Feather pattern is really nice! I'm trying to finish up two quilts and still have two BJP's to make before I start on my needle cases I bought from you! There's always my time in Florida to finish up this winter!!! Nice job, as usual Beth!

  2. These are really beautiful Beth! I'm a fairly inexperienced beader hoping to take on a stethescope-beading project. Do you have any tipes for me? Pretty please? ;-)

  3. Patience. Graph it out first. Figure out how many beads it takes to make a circle around your stethoscope. Design your pattern on a peyote graph and then go for it. If after an inch or so you aren't happy, start over. Many times I have had to restart. I just can't see putting that much work into something if I am not completely satisfied with it. Good Luck and keep me posted.